For Buyers

PracticeCFO got its start as an alternative to the average CPA firms for dentists. The typical CPA firm hands over a P&L every few months and does your taxes once per year. That’s it. No planning, no advice, no strategy. Your financial statements may not even be dental-specific. The typical CPA model is akin to a dentist doing an x-ray and sending the patient home without performing on a well-thought-out treatment plan. The x-rays are important sure, but it’s the diagnosis, treatment planning, and carrying out the plan that leaves the patient better. Accounting and financial planning are no different.

PracticeCFO Transitions’ goal is the financial independence of independent practice owners, so we do our version of business and personal financial x-rays, diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment, and follow-up to ensure that you achieve financial independence for you and your family.

We’re telling you about our roots because we want you to know the mold from which PracticeCFO Transitions is formed. We are advocates for independent dental practice owners and want to see you succeed. In some cases,you’re ready to buy now; in other cases you need to improve your financial credentials and experience. Because we’ve helped so many dentists buy practices, we know what banks will lend against and how much you will likely qualify for. If you don’t already know, get a Free Buyer’s Readiness Assessment here. Many clients have significant student loan debt and still qualify. Let’s find out if you do.

“Associates on Fire” Program

For those associates still laying the groundwork for ownership, we’ve created a free program called “Associates on Fire” to get you on the right path. Our most successful business owners are always learning. If attending from these seminars is the type of thing that appeals to you, you have one of the key qualifications of being a practice owner. If you are interested in learning more, simply contact us.

Associates on Fire: Ignite Your Way to Practice Ownership!

Fuel Cell #1:  The “Associate on Fire Seminar Series”: (CE Offered)

  • The Practice Purchase Process: Part I – Finding and Analyzing a Practice
  • The Practice Purchase Process: Part II – Finding your Team, the Letter of Intent, and Due Diligence, and Delta Premier
  • The Practice Purchase Process: Part III – Preparing for Ownership: Starting a business plan, setting goals, and understanding your practice financial statements

Fuel Cell #2: Workshops to help Ignite Your Way

  • Establishing a Personal Economic Plan from Day One
  • Getting Pre-Qualified: Understanding Dental Lending
  • Optimize your Student Loan
  • Complete a buyer profile form

Fuel Cell #3: Get Current with an Organized Financial Plan

Fuel Cell #4: The PracticeCFO Newsletter: Associates Corner