For Sellers

PracticeCFO Transitions exists to disrupt the way independent dental practices are bought and sold. We grew out of a demand from our CPA/Investment clients who wanted a better way of buying and selling dental practices.

In contrast with other practice brokers, we are committed to providing Sellers with:

Fixed Tier-Based Pricing – We offer competitive pricing that allows our clients to keep more of the sale price. While we do have commission fees if we bring you a buyer, if you find a buyer, you don’t pay a commission; we believe that you should keep your money for your efforts.

Pre-Screened Buyers – At PracticeCFO Transitions, we have knowledgeable CPAs that have extensive experience with dental practice purchases. We know what banks look for and can vet buyers that are more likely to qualify and not cause delays.

Seller Readiness Evaluation – PracticeCFO Transitions includes a Retirement Plan and Tax Estimate as part of our service, allowing our sellers to know how much they can expect to net from the sale of their dental practice.

Seller Preparation – We can provide an evaluation of your practice and direct you on operational and financial improvements to prepare for your practice sale. We recommend preparing for your practice sale at least three years ahead of time but can work with you regardless of the time frame. If our Seller Readiness Evaluation determines it best to wait on the sale we can assist you in these areas to get you ready for the sale within a realistic timeline.

If you plan to retire after selling your practice, we’ll design a full retirement plan for you like the one below:

Realistic Valuations – Our certified valuations specialist will provide a derived value range and help you decide how much to list your practice for.

Transparency – Both our sellers and buyers receive complete, honest information and disclosures. We provide the information we know banks and buyers want to see through our secure portal.

Professionalism – We are dedicated to providing professional and prompt communication and services to all parties involved in the practice transaction process.

No Long-Term Agreement – If you’re not happy with our service for any reason, you can cancel with us at any time, with no post-cancellation commissions if you or another broker find a different buyer from the ones we present you with.

Interested in selling your dental practice? Contact PracticeCFO Transitions today to find out how we can help you with your practice sale and preparation.

If you plan to retire after selling your practice, we’ll design a full retirement plan for you like the one below:

Financial Plan